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The Seven Habits at Plymouth Elementary


As part of our character development, each month we choose one habit to focus on from Dr. Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The students learn the meaning of each habit and discuss ways they can apply it to their lives. Students then set a personal goal relating to that habit and review their goals at the end of each month. I encourage you to take time to talk about each habit of the month with your child.


Our August/September Habit: Be Proactive



Habit 1:  Be Proactive

Take responsibility for your life.


Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind

Define your mission and goals in life.


Habit 3:  Put First Things First

Prioritize, and do the most important things first.


Habit 4:  Think Win-Win

Have an “everyone-can-win” attitude.


Habit 5:  Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Listen to people sincerely.


Habit 6:  Synergize

Work together to achieve more.


Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw

Renew yourself regularly.


Habit 8: Find Your Voice

Stand up for what you believe.